SyboldSans goes full circle. Today the typeface is officially presented, in a building by its inspirator, Sybold Van Ravesteyn.
On the occasion of the re-introduction of svr01, the table light of his hand from 1925, SyboldSans is applied to posters, packaging and booklets.

look after goodness & truth

& beauty will look after itself


Eric Gill






diederik at ogentroost.eu


ogentroost type&design&books&tc

Even though I have been working in (typo)graphic design for twenty odd years, I have started using the moniker 'ogentroost' fairly recently. I am convinced that well designed & beautiful products communicate better, that is why I chose the name 'ogentroost', it roughly translates as 'a sight for sore eyes'.

I design typefaces and use these in the identities, books & posters I design. I also happen to publish novels, poetry and a children's book.

My work revolves around type, as it is the tiniest bearer of information and identity and I love the way one can employ it as subtly or bluntly as one feels fit for the purpose. Besides there is the sheer beauty found in language & letterforms…



Typeface based on my investigations into the work of Holland's most demolished architect: Sybold van Ravesteyn The diversity found in the career of this man is inspiring.


What started out as custom lettering for Dutch National Television, turned into an extending family with five weights and three optically corrected sizes.


Based on the movements of the dancers of Rosas, for which dance company the font would adorn the posters. Originated as an Italic in regular weight only, 'Ogentroost' grew into a rich family.


Theater Rotterdam

Interim identity for organizations in transition, employing a typeface rooted in their hometown

font: SyboldSans

De Bengel

Upgrading the identity of this bookstore / publisher

fonts: Novus, Ogentroost, SyboldSans


Design, typography & illustration for concert programmes for a local venue, 2008–2015

fonts: Rule, Ogentroost, Dolly, Bello (the latter two by Underware)



Written by Elsemiek Corvers, illustrated by Marleen Oud, designed & published by Ogentroost

font: SeriousSans


A collection of stories concerning the many different aspects of cycling, from leisure to racing.

fonts: Novus, Rule

Gewoon is gek genoeg

(weird is the new normal) Collection of daily observations by a full time observationist.

fonts: Ogentroost, Spaghetti

About Ogentroost

Solidly based in typography, we design graphic products, publish books & make typefaces, both commissioned and self-initiated. We've been doing this with love since 1994.

My first type design hero, Eric Gill, is quoted saying 'look after goodness & truth & beauty will look after itself". This is my mantra, so to speak, the foundation on which I build my designs, believing beauty helps getting the message across. Whether it is a corporate identity, a book or a poster, the message goes down better when beautiful.


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